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About: Peter Gregory is a Physiotherapist based in Sydney Australia, and Award-Winning designer

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The Mobilization Magic Tool™ is designed to help people restore their sore muscles, get stiff joints moving again and reduce their pain. 

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Hello, I’m Peter Gregory, an Australian Physiotherapist who has designed the Mobilization Magic Tool™ to help people restore their sore muscles, get stiff joints moving again and reduce their pain.

The reason I designed the tool initially was to treat my own hip problem which was causing me pain and impeding my mobility. I designed the MMT prototype out of wood and used it to great effect – making me pain free for the first time in years.

Great feedback

Mobilization Magic Tool

Great Feedback

A friend of mine had a sore calf that forced him to have a bad limp for many months. I made one of these tools for him, and after using it for 30 minutes each day, his calf pain disappeared and so did the limp. I have used the tool successfully on several of my patients to achieve impressive improvements in their mobility and pain reduction. Every person who used the tool had a positive experience and I received great feedback, so I know it works.

This is not my first design. I created an Award-Winning ergonomic office chair called the Gregory Chair, which became the chair of choice for banks and other corporations and companies interested in the health of their workers.

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The Tool has Two Heights

The Mobilization Magic Tool™ has two heights that allows you to release almost every part of your body.

When you lay the tool on it’s side you are using the short option. The short option allows you to release the tight tissues in your neck, back, shoulders, upper Hamstrings and many other areas. Go to Use The Tool to find out more.

When you stand the tool up in it’s tall option you can use the tool in areas like the side of your neck, lower Hamstrings, Groin, Quads and many other parts. Go to Use The Tool to find out more

The reason I developed this tool and took it to the market is that pain and stiffness is a big problem all around the world. The existing solutions out there were not addressing the reasons people were suffering. Tight fascia is the cause of a lot of problems and suffering and can be released if you know how. This website and this tool is the solution you have been looking for. Time and Pressure applied correctly will set you free. Imagine being able to get your life back to normal without the pain or stiffness you have been fighting for years.

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