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Mobilization Clean

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Designed in Australia by award winning physiotherapist Peter Gregory


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As you probably know, therapists often use their elbow to manipulate and loosen muscle fascia, which when contracted, constrains the muscle and blood flow, impeding recovery. Initially that pressure treatment may well increase the pain, but as the pressure continues to be applied (over several sessions) the dysfunctional limb, joint or muscle usually recovers and the pain melts away. The MMT works on the same principle. You can think of the MMT as “Your 24/7 therapist elbow” because it allows you to let gravity and your bodyweight take the place of a ‘live’ therapist.

Lay the muscle or joint you would like to release onto the MMT and hold, allowing your body to get a release. The Tool comes with an instruction guide on stretches you can do for particular parts of the body.

The Mobilization Magic tool can be used over the entire body to help you get a release where it’s needed. The most common areas we see it being used are hamstrings, backs and necks

While we can’t claim the MMT is a cure-all for sore backs, it can be very effective in helping pain management and recovery.

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