Great News! We are Shipping in Mid December

Thank you for your interest in the Mobilization Magic Tool MMT

You may have pledged via Kickstarter?
I am very pleased with the response to the tool and so we have the mould for the MMT tool under construction and will be shipping product in mid December
We will be shipping via my website rather than through Kickstarter as we probably will not reach the Kickstarter goal.
Kick Starter is an all or nothing deal so if we miss the goal then your order there will be cancelled and your credit card will not be charged by them.
We are taking pre-orders via the web site your credit card will not be charged until we are shipping in mid December.
You will be able to get the same discount of 40% off the price
I will be contacting everybody at the end of October and letting them know what is happening.
If you have any more questions please let me know?

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