How to fix your Hip Pain

You can use Short and Tall options to fix your hip pain both front on and with sideways stretching

The MM tool works very well on loosening up the very tight fascia, eliminating hip pain, tightness and disability in the front of the Hip joint just below the pointy bone in the front of your pelvis. Use the short option depending on where your problem is to start with, if you feel you want more pressure swap to the tall option. Bend and flex your knee to floss the muscle if that feels good. Roll the leg and your body to the left and right to see where the pain is greatest. Put the tool under the problem area for a minute or so, if there are no issues slowly increase the amount of time on the tool to make sure your Hip tolerates this pressure.

The fascia that causes Hip Pain is so strong it is not a 5-minute job to get the results you want. Experience has shown that excellent results can be achieved if you spend at least 20-30 minutes on the tool, multiple times during the week. You can stretch the Hip muscles in a sideways direction by rotating your foot to one side and moving your body in the same direction. Rock backwards and forwards until you feel the tool on the side of the muscle this will push the muscle in a unique way that cannot be done by other approaches. You can increase the pressure if need be by putting the foot of the other leg up on your bed or couch so you can tilt your body up off the floor. Caution: If you feel pins and needles, numbness, move the tool to another spot.

Doing it whilst watching TV or doing other things like reading or working on the laptop makes the time pass quickly. A warm muscle stretches much quicker than a cold one so using a hot pack or having hot bath helps a lot.

Is the tool good for Osteoarthritis in the hips?

Yes the tool will loosen up the tissues surrounding your hip which is reducing the hip Range of Motion ROM and increase hip pain. Arthritis is caused by reduced ROM, as the range increases the joint receives more nutrients which helps the cartilage in the joint to repair itself.

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hip pain video capture
Sideways Stretch of the quads Muscle
Using the Short Option on Hip Pain