Psoas & Iliacus Muscles

The Iliacus and Psoas muscles are the major hip flexors and are responsible for hip Range Of Motion (ROM) especially extension and pain in the front of the hip, in the front of the thigh and the lower back.

Using the Mobilization Magic tool on Psoas & Iliacus Muscles is not easy but if you have some persistence you can get the tool down on to these muscles and release them, see the orange tools in the diagram to the right. Only one corner of the tool is in contact with the muscle

How to treat the Psoas

With the Psoas you need to place half the tool at a diagonal under your belly whilst lying face down, the other half of the tool protruding out the side of your body. If your belly button is the center of the clock the tool would be at 2 o’clock to do the left side. You need the tool to not be contacting the iliac crest, it will take a while for the tool to work its way through the abdominal muscle and viscera. Relax your self and breath deeply to allow the tool to sink down to the muscles.

How to treat the Iliacus

With the Iliacus the tool needs to move to the inside edge of the iliac crest orientated in the foot – head line with just one corner doing the work. Start using the short option so you get used to using it but you can arc up the pressure by using the tall option. Take it slow and do it in stages so you get used to it as it is uncomfortable to do it. 

The Psoas & Iliacus Muscles can be responsible for pulling your spine into extension causing an exaggerated lumbar lordosis and back pain. Using the Mobilization Magic Tool to release these muscles

Psoas & Iliacus Muscle Symptoms

  • Difficulty/pain when trying to stand in a fully upright posture. 
  • Pain in the buttocks and lower back.
  • Radiation of pain down the leg.
  • Groin pain 
  • Pain that starts around the front of your hips may also radiate down your thighs to the knees.
  • Stiffness and tightness in the mornings

Get your Mobilization Magic Tool now!

Make sure you pay attention to small improvements in pain or movement over time and remember that stretching the muscle or joint before and after using the MMT will rapidly increase your progress as will consistent (daily) use of the tool.
The reason this tool works so well on Iliacus and Psoas muscles is because it uses the process of creep to stretch the very tight fascia in these muscles. No other tool can concentrate the forces like the Mobilization Magic tool because of its 25mm diameter.

Psoas supine stretch