How to fix your Triceps Pain

As always with the tool, start by using the tool for only a few minutes and not in the sorest area first, so you can gauge how the muscle or joint will react to the tool. Once you are comfortable using the tool you can increase the time spent on the tool in 5 min increments on it up to 30 minutes. Keep the tool in one spot until the pain or discomfort/tightness has gone or markedly reduced. You can stretch the muscle sideways which is a unique feature of the MMT by rolling your arm left or right until the side of the muscle is on the tool. this helps stretch the fascial skeleton of the muscle.

Lie face up either on the floor, on a bed or a table.

Put the short option tool under the triceps starting at the top and working your way down the muscle, pausing on sore spots.

Have the arm stationary and floss the muscle by bending and straightening the elbow

Stretching Triceps Muscles
Releasing Triceps trigger Points