Crossfit Massage Tool

The Mobilization Magic Tool MMT is proving to be the Crossfit Massage Tool of choice. It is a self-myofascial release tool that produces strong concentrated pressure required to stretch the very tuff strong myofascial fibers. Crossfit is such a brutal sport that takes a heavy toll on a cross-fitters body.

Most Mobility tools have a large diameter like 150mm for foam rollers and trigger balls. This large diameter produces a diffuse pressure profile which struggles to stretch tight fascia effectively.

The beauty of the Crossfit Massage Tool MMT is that it has 2 heights for different parts of the body and has a 25mm diameter which creates the concentrated force required to stretch seriously tight muscles and fascia.

Tight hips are a big inhibitor of overall mobility and Crossfit competence and so if your hip is tight it is very hard to get it loose again. Luckily the Crossfit Massage Tool MMT can direct to whole of your body weight into its 25 mm surface to melt its wat through the many tight layer surrounding the hip.

Tight calves is another area that cross-fitters work of a lot as those muscles get worked a lot. The Mobilization Magic tool melts through to very tight layers of the calf. When you first get the the 20 min mark on your calf you will feel a increase in pain. This is because the tool has worked its way through the superficial Gastroc muscle of the calf and is pressing on the deeper Soleus which is very pressure sensitive. Just take your calf off the tool until the pain subsides and place it back on the tool where it was so the Crossfit Massage Tool can continue to melt through the tight layers.

Crossfit Mobility

Crossfit Mobility requires that muscles be at the functionally optimum length and that joints Range Of Movement (ROM) be as loose as needed to perform the daily workout of the day (WOD)

Cross-fitters use Crossfit Massage Tool like the Mobilization Magic Tool to get them back in the box performing as hard as they possible can.

Some of the benefits of using Crossfit Mobility Tools like the mobilization Magic Tool are: 

  • Perform Better
  • Resolve Pain
  • Speeds up recovery and decreases DOMS
  • Increases blood flow
  • Clears lactic acid
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Releases Knots/ Trigger Points
  • Increase Range of Movement

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Image Showing How the Mobilization Magic Tool is used on your calf
Stretching Groin Muscles from the front
Sideways Stretch of the quads Muscle
Persistent Hamstring injuries can be fixed by the Mobilization Magic Tool