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Mobilization Magic Tool™ MMT with Minimal effort: Let gravity and your bodyweight take your troubles away guaranteed.

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We are so sure the Mobilization Magic Tool will work for 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Badgeyou it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Use the Tool for Hip Pain

The New Mobilization Magic™

Are you tired of being in pain and paying hundreds of dollars to get treatment? Now, with the Mobilization Magic Tool™ (MMT), you can treat your pain in the comfort of your own home!

How does it work?


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60 Day Money Back Guarantee Badge

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Mobilization Magic Tool comes with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Your 24/7 Therapist Elbow

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Relieve pain at home

An alternative to paying hundreds at a Therapist clinic, the MMT allows you to relieve pain in the comfort of your own home.

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Designed in Australia

Designed by award winning Physiotherapist Peter Gregory, the Mobilization Magic Tool™ is a product that you lay on to take your pain and stiffness away in all areas of your body.

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Works on your entire body

The Mobilization Magic Tool™ works to relieve pain from your entire body. Whether you’ve got neck pain, ankle pain, or anything in between, the MMT can help.

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Used by Physiotherapists

Tried and tested by Crossfit gyms, Physiotherapists, and Universities, the MMT is an alternative to foam rollers and trigger balls

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TGA Registration No: ARTG 346433

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The Infographic shows the 18 major regions of the body that the MMTool works

How It Works

Designed by Physiotherapist Peter Gregory, the Mobilization Magic Tool™ is a product that has been tried and tested by Physiotherapists, Crossfit gyms, and Universities to take away muscle pain and stiffness using your body weight. Costs less than half of one therapy session.

The tool has a 25mm Diameter that is designed to deliver pressure that your body needs to unlock the blockages that injuries or over-use have caused. The MMT is actually the same radius as your elbow, which is why I call it the 24/7 therapist elbow.

The tool has two height options for use. You can use the two options in different parts of your body to achieve specific goals. The Tool is designed to be separated so that if you want to travel it does not take up much space in your bag. It is posted to you in two pieces so it ships flat pack.

Close Up of The bottom of the Tool

01 Lay Down

Lay the muscle or joint that is sore on the Mobilization Magic Tool and let your body weight do the work. The tool works its way through to your muscle or joint to free up the tight structures that cause pain and disability.

02 Measure

Rate the pain you feel out of ten, zero being no pain at all and ten being sharp pain that you cannot stand. The pain when resting on the tool should not be more than 4-5 out of ten. If it is higher than this, you need to place a pillow or towel on either side of the tool to reduce the amount of pressure.

03 Adjust

When using the MMT it is best to start slowly to make sure your pain does not increase using the tool. So, start by using the tool in its short option shown to the right,any pain that you experience using the tool should begin to decrease within the first couple of minutes. If not move the tool to a spot near by and try again.

Sideways Stretching

One of the important benefits of the MMT (unlike foam rollers, for example) is that it can be used to stretch muscles sideways, instead of lengthways (the conventional way). Sideways stretching is very effective in releasing adhesions and the fascial sheath continuum which surrounds all muscles and ‘sticks’ them to each other. Sideways stretching is particularly effective for muscles such as the Quads, Calf, Groin and Hamstrings.

See our video for a demonstration of how easy it is to use the tool to achieve this ‘sideways’ stretch with the MMT.

Sideways Stretching of muscles releases fascia and eases pain and stiffness

It’s Effective!

The reason the Mobilization Magic Tool is so useful because it works on a material science concept called creep. Creep describes where the pain area has concentrated force applied to it over time, and it yields to that force, resulting in a decrease of pain and less tightness.

Using the tool could not be easier; all you have to do is lay on it for 30 minutes and let it melt your problems away. Gravity does the work for you.

The Mobilization Magic Tool is made of Nylon 6 which is high impact plastic which is very strong.

Hydraulic Press testing showed in the photo to the right that it can withstand a load of over 2,000 kg ( 2 Tons) that means the tool is very safe and strong.

Image Showing How the Mobilization Magic Tool is used on your calf
Strong Enough to hold up 2,000 Kg

There are many benefits associated with MMT, including:

  • Minimal effort. Let gravity and your bodyweight do the work for you.
  • Improved strength achievable from stretching out the muscle fibres.
  • Faster recovery from strains associated with exercise so you can get back to your work-out sooner.
  • Better range of movement and improved mobility.
  • Improved circulation to minimise DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness).

  • Greater flexibility which can help to protect you against injury.

  • Ability to work on your known problem areas to prevent recurring injuries.

  • It’s a better alternative to foam rollers and trigger balls particularly for recurrent soreness.

Inventor of the Mobilization Magic Tool Peter Gregory

About the Designer

“Hello, I’m Peter Gregory, an Australian Physiotherapist who has designed a mobilization tool that helps people to restore their sore muscles and get stiff joints moving again.

The reason I designed the tool is that I had a hip problem myself and needed a way to make it better. “

About Peter Gregory

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