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How does the Tool
Relieve Fascia Pain?

Mobilization Magic Tool® uses a material science concept called ‘Creep’. Creep describes a process where a material has a concentrated force or pressure applied to it over time and that material yields to that force. It is designed to deliver pressure where it’s needed – to unlock the blockages that injuries or strains have caused. The diameter of the MMT is the same as your elbow.

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The MMT is very safe, but remember these simple points while using it

Strength Test 2000kg

Why It Works!

Get stiff joints moving again!

The MMT has a diameter of 25mm – designed to deliver pressure where it’s needed – to unlock the blockages that injuries or strains have caused. The diameter of the MMT is the same as your elbow.

As you probably know, therapists often use their elbow to manipulate and loosen muscle fascia, which when contracted, constrains the muscle and blood flow, impeding recovery. Initially that pressure treatment may well increase the pain, but as the pressure continues to be applied (over several sessions) the dysfunctional limb, joint or muscle usually recovers and the pain melts away. The MMT works on the same principle. You can think of the MMT as “Your 24/7 therapist elbow” because it allows your body weight to release the tightness that is holding you back.

Using the tool on your calf

The calf is the only muscle that increases in pain at about 20 mins into your first long session on the tool. When the pain increases take the calf off the tool until the pain recedes and then put it back down where it was before and the tool will continue melting into the tight muscle.

Using the tool in a new position

When using the tool in a new position, only use it for a minute or so to gauge the feel of it. If it increases your pain for longer than a few minutes, place a cushion or towel on top of, or either side of the tool.

Body weight only

Just use your body weight, don’t try to push your joint or muscle hard into the MMT.

Built Tough

The Mobilization Magic Tool is made of Nylon 6 which is high impact plastic which is very strong. Hydraulic Press testing showed in the photo to the right that it can withstand a load of over 2,000 kg ( 4410 Lbs or 2 Tons) that means the tool is very safe and strong.

Numbness, pins and needles or cooling of a limb?

If you feel numbness; pins and needles or cooling of a limb, then you have the MMT in the wrong spot. This can occur around the buttocks in the piriformis/glute area and also in the pectoral area of the chest. Stop and move the MMT to an adjacent spot – you may need to experiment a little to get the right pressure in the right place.

No increase in pain

If there is no increase in pain after a few minutes, gradually increase the amount of time spent using it. You should become accustomed to the pressure relatively quickly. The way to progress the procedure is to use the tool in the tall option which will increase the pressure the MMT exerts and its efficiency. Start this use (the tall option) for only a few minutes to ensure there is no extended increase in pain.

Sideways Stretching®

One of the important benefits of the MMT (unlike foam rollers, for example) is that it can be used to stretch muscles sideways, instead of lengthways (the conventional way). Sideways stretching is very effective in releasing adhesions and the fascial sheath continuum which surrounds all muscles, forms a cartilaginous skeleton within the core of muscles and ‘sticks’ them to each other. Sideways stretching is particularly effective for muscles such as the Quads, Calf, Groin and Hamstrings. From my clinical experience no other method of breaking up dysfunctional fascia works as well as sideways stretching.

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What Success Feels Like

Over time, you should feel your range of movement increase and your pain decrease. These improvements may not happen simultaneously; it may be that you find you have increased flexibility and you are able to do more because your range of movement is better. It may be that your pain levels have not markedly changed over the same period, but better movement is still an improvement.

The opposite is also possible – your pain may decrease but your range of movement may still be limited. Either way, these improvements are an indication that you are on the right track. Keep going! You’ll get there eventually.

Patience is the key!

The rate and speed of improvement will vary from person to person, depending how long the problem has been occurring. The longer you have had the stiffness or tightness, the longer it will take for the MMT to work. The constricted fascia that is causing the pain is very strong. If your tissues are very tight it may take some time for those tissues to soften. The body takes its own time and you may need to be patient and not rush the process. Try to remember that any positive improvement is better than leaving those muscle trigger points untreated, prolonging your pain.

Make sure you pay attention to small improvements in pain or movement over time and remember that stretching the muscle or joint before and after using the MMT will rapidly increase your progress as will consistent (daily) use of the tool.

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Piriformis Glutei stretch

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Used by professionals and amateurs alike!

I am just reaching out to recommend the Mobilization Magic Tool. I use it a lot! It really helps my Hamstring rehabilitation.

Tom Trbojevic

NRL, Manly Sea Eagles


It is a brilliant piece of equipment for dealing with soft tissue knots and ‘sore spots’ and trigger points. It certainly takes some time to get used to the feeling – make no mistake it can be uncomfortable to begin with – but this is an indicator you are really ‘hitting the spot’. I’ve used all manner of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, rumble rollers and the like but this is my ‘go to’ solution when i really need some help. Heartily recommended and enthusiastically endorsed. Just remember the MMT only works if you put in the effort…and you need to be persistent and committed to the process.


MM Tool Happy Customer