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Biceps Pain


This IASTM Tool will fix Biceps Pain

Biceps Pain responds well to the Mobilization Magic tool. Start by using the tool for only a few minutes and not in the sorest area first, so you can gauge how the muscle or joint will react to the tool. Once you are comfortable using the tool you can increase the time spent on the tool in 5 min increments on it up to 30 minutes. Keep the tool in one spot until the pain or discomfort/tightness has gone or markedly reduced.

Biceps Video capture

The biceps pain is felt in the muscle its self but also referred pain into the shoulder and forearm/elbow see the trigger point pattern to the right.

Bicep Pain Treatment

The best way to use the tool with bicep tendon pain in either the short or tall option on the biceps is to lay face down on a bed or table with your arm dangling over the edge. Start at the top of the muscle into the shoulder where the tendon often is painful, move the tool down the muscle, pausing on spots that are painful until the pain goes away. Keep the muscle stationary to start with and then floss by bending and flexing the elbow.

Biceps Sideways Stretch

The Biceps responds very well to sideways stretching. Roll the arm from side to side so the tool is on the side of the muscle belly to find the most painful spots, see image to the right and below. Stay on the painful spot until it goes away, see photos to the right

Treating Bicep Tendon Pain

The biceps muscle has two tendons that attach it to the bones of the shoulder and one tendon that attaches to the radius bone at the elbow. Injuries to the muscle include tendonitis and tendon tears. Bicep tendon pain can be caused by overuse of the joints like swimmers or by chronic tightness of the biceps muscle putting constant pressure on the tendons. The constant tension that causes bicep tendon pain can be reduced and eliminated by doing sideways stretches described above.