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Myofascial release your shoulder muscles

Do you often feel discomfort in your shoulders, characterised by concentrated pain points? We offer a shoulder massage tool that you can use at home to self-manage aching muscles so that you don’t have to learn how to live with unease in your body.

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Loosen up Tight Muscles With Our Massage Tool for Shoulder Stiffness

The shoulders are a complex joint surrounded by an intricate network of muscles that easily knot under tension. This is how you can help restore the ease with which you move your upper body with our massage tool for shoulder pain:

  • The first step is to move your arm in different directions to find out where exactly the pain is. Once you’ve discovered the sore spot, and depending on where this is, either lay on your front, side or back and place the massage tool under the problem area.
  • Do this for as long as your shoulder can stand the pressure.
  • With each new session, you’ll find that you can increase the duration you use the tool, which is most effective if used for at least 10-20 minutes.

Restore Flexibility With Our Shoulder Massage Tool

The massage tool takes away stiffness by improving blood circulation in the area to provide relief from tight muscles and painful joints. Here are some of the added benefits you can expect when using this therapeutic device.

  • Not finding the time to take care of your aches and pains is no longer an issue since you can use this convenient massage tool while watching TV or reading.
  • Besides improving the range of movement in your shoulders, regular use of the massage tool will also strengthen muscles.
  • You can also use the massage tools to loosen pectoral muscles by placing them underneath your pecs while dangling your arms over a table or bench.

Discover this corrective tool that simultaneously enhances muscle function.