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Shin Splints Massage Tool


Shin Splints cause pain and disability that is difficult to fix. The MMT is uniquely able to break up the tight fascia in the shin splints that causes many problems and holds people back. This shin splints massage tool produces strong pressure on the tibialis muscle. To minimize any discomfort put a towel over the short option tool to reduce the starting pressure. Then, place your shins on the tool.

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Shin Splints Massage Tool For Tight Strong Fascia

As a shin massage tool, the MM tool works well to loosen up the very tight fascia that causes tightness, shin splints pain, and disability in the shin muscles. Use the short option depending on where your problem is. Place a towel over the tool, as it does produce a lot of pressure in this area. Reduce the number of towel layers as you get used to the pressure. Bend and flex your foot to floss the muscle if that feels good. Put the tool under the problem area for a minute or so. If there are no issues, slowly increase the amount of time on the tool to make sure your shin muscles can tolerate this increased pressure.

Release the Shin Splints from their tight fascia

Since the fascia in the shin muscles is so strong, it is not a 5-minute job to get the results you want. Experience has shown that you can achieve excellent results with this shin splints massage tool. If you spend at least 15-30 minutes on the tool multiple times during the week, that is. You can stretch the shin muscles in a sideways direction by rotating your foot to one side and moving your body in the same direction. Rock backwards and forwards until you feel the tool on the side of the muscle. This will push the muscle in a unique way that’s not possible with other approaches. Shin splints pain starts to subside once the tight fascia that surrounds the muscle is loosened and released by multiple sessions on the Mobilization Magic™ tool.

Using this shin splits massage tool whilst watching TV or doing other things like reading or working on the laptop makes the time pass quickly. A warm muscle stretches much quicker than a cold one, so using a hot pack or having hot bath helps a lot.

Sore, stiff or injured muscles can cause discomfort and recurring pain when they’re not released safely. Our shin splint massage tool creates pressure on the stiff muscle to access the root of the pain and release the fascial muscle tension and the pain it causes at the core.

Shin splints are very common in athletes or exercise fans, so it’s best to know what causes them and how you can prevent a recurrence.

Common Causes of Shin Splints

You will know when you have shin splints as you feel pain in the shin caused by overworked muscles, tissue and tendons. By changing your footwear and exercise routine, you can help prevent the pain. Using our leg massage tool and following our step by step guide, you should find pain relief as the muscles release and the pain subsides. Once the muscles release, your injury can heal, and you can go about your daily exercise routine.

Shin Splint Prevention

The best thing you can do to prevent shin pain is by changing the way you exercise or the intensity of your training programme. To remedy the pain, you can put a heat pack on the area to relax the muscles and then position our massage tool near the most painful spot to release the surrounding muscles and connective tissue between the shin bone and muscle.

Our massage tool works wonders for any stiff muscles, from head to toe, as you use your body weight on the device for the appropriate pressure for pain relief. Mobilization Magic will guide you on where to place the device for best relief and minimal discomfort.