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Let the Mobilization Magic Tool™ use gravity and body weight to take your troubles away, guaranteed!

The Mobilization Magic ToolTM is designed for people who have long-standing tight sore muscles and stiff joint aches, accompanied by throbbing pain and headaches. It produces concentrated pressure and, with time, breaks up tight tissues so the muscle and joints move properly again.

mobilization magic tool

Restore Sore Muscles

Get stiff joints moving again!

The Mobilization Magic Tool™ is designed to help people restore their sore muscles, get stiff joints moving again and reduce their pain. 

The Mobilization Magic Tool™ has two heights that allows you to release almost every part of your body.

When you lay the tool on it’s side you are using the short option. The short option allows you to release the tight tissues in your neck, back, shoulders, upper Hamstrings and many other areas. Go to How To Use to find out more.

When you stand the tool up in it’s tall option you can use the tool in areas like the side of your neck, lower Hamstrings, Groin, Quads and many other parts. Go to How To Use to find out more.

Treat Different Parts of the Body

Minimal effort. Let gravity and your bodyweight do the work for you.

Increase Strength

Improved strength achievable by stretching out the muscle fibres.

Improve Flexibility, Movement & Motion

Faster recovery from exercise strains – get back to your work-out sooner. It’s a better alternative to foam rollers and trigger balls particularly for recurrent soreness.

Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Approved

ARTG No: 346433

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Return to Full Fitness Faster

The Mobilization Magic Tool™ works to relieve pain from your entire body. Whether you’ve got neck pain, ankle pain, or anything in between, the MMT can help.

Relieve Pain at Home

Research shows that people that are personally involved in their recovery do much better and get back to normal much quicker than people who are not. The MMT allows you to help relieve your pain in the comfort of your own home. That’s why therapists give you a home program to improve the result of their patients.

Designed in Australia

Designed by award winning Physiotherapist Peter Gregory, the Mobilization Magic Tool™ is a product that you lay on to take your pain and stiffness away in all areas of your body.

Used by Physiotherapists

Tried and tested by Crossfit gyms, Physiotherapists, and Universities, the MMT is an alternative to foam rollers and trigger balls.

bicep pain relief


hamstring pain relief


Piriformis Glutei stretch

Piriformi & Glutei

hip massage tool


tricep pain relief



Used by professionals and amateurs alike!

“My hamstrings now feel awesome!”

I am just reaching out to recommend the Mobilization Magic Tool. I use it a lot! It really helps my Hamstring rehabilitation.

Tom Trbojevic

NRL, Manly Sea Eagles

muscle repair

It is a brilliant piece of equipment for dealing with soft tissue knots and ‘sore spots’ and trigger points. It certainly takes some time to get used to the feeling – make no mistake it can be uncomfortable to begin with – but this is an indicator you are really ‘hitting the spot’. I’ve used all manner of foam rollers, lacrosse balls, rumble rollers and the like but this is my ‘go to’ solution when i really need some help. Heartily recommended and enthusiastically endorsed. Just remember the MMT only works if you put in the effort…and you need to be persistent and committed to the process.


MM Tool Happy Customer