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IASTM Tool for Tricep Pain


Best IASTM Tool for Tricep Pain

Currently struggling with unwavering pain from triceps trigger points? There is a pioneering tool for triceps pain known as Mobilization Magic™ that’s here to help. The MMT is a self-help device innovatively designed for disabling muscle tightness and tension with massages and stretches.


Tricep Pain Treatment

The fascia in the triceps is quite strong, but MMT provides an effective solution. Remember, this stretching takes more than 5 simple minutes to get the results you want. Experience has shown that you can achieve excellent results if you spend at least 15–30 minutes on the tool multiple times during the week with triceps stretching exercises. Be sure to rock backward and forward until you feel the tool on the side of the muscle. This will push the muscle in a unique way—one not possible with any other approaches.

Using this stretching tool for tricep pain relief while watching TV, reading, or working on your laptop makes the time pass quickly. Remember that a warm muscle stretches much quicker than a cold one. Using a hot pack or having a hot bath helps a lot to alleviate any tricep muscle pain.

How to fix your Triceps Pain

As always with the tool, start by using the tool for only a few minutes and not in the sorest area first. This crucial step is so you can gauge how the muscle or joint will react to the tool. Once you are comfortable using the tool, you can increase the time spent on the tool in 5-minute increments up to 30 minutes. Keep the tool in one spot until the pain, discomfort, or tightness has markedly reduced or disappeared. You can stretch the muscle sideways—an extraordinary feature of the MMT—by rolling your arm left or right until the side of the muscle is on the tool. This helps to stretch the fascial skeleton of the muscle.

Next, lie face up either on the floor or on a bed or a table.

Put the short option tool under the triceps starting at the top and working your way down the muscle, pausing on sore spots.

Keep your arm stationary and floss the muscle by bending and straightening the elbow.