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Tool for Quad Muscle Pain


Myofascial Release of your quads is easy

Important points to note:

  • The short option can be useful on several locations on the quads
  • The tall option can be used for several locations on the quads
  • You can also use the tool for sideways stretching

The Tool For Treating Quad Muscle Pain

Mobilization Magic™ is a proficient tool for quad muscle pain relief and stretching. The MM tool works very well on loosening up the tight fascia that normally causes tightness, pain, and disability in your quads. Begin by using the short option, depending on where your problem is to start with. If you feel you want more pressure, swap to the tall option. Bend and flex your knee to floss the muscle. If that feels good, roll the leg and your body to the left and right to see where the pain is greatest. Put the tool under the problem area for a minute or so. If there are no issues, slowly increase the amount of time on the tool to make sure your quad muscles can tolerate this pressure.

Quads Video capture
Knee Pain Video capture

The fascia in the quad muscles is quite strong. Remember, this stretching takes more than a 5-minute job to get the results you want. Experience has shown that you can achieve excellent results if you spend at least 15-30 minutes on the tool multiple times during the week with quad stretch exercises. You can stretch the quad muscles in a sideways direction by rotating your foot to one side and moving your body in the same direction. Rock backward and forwards until you feel the tool on the side of the muscle. This will push the muscle in a unique way—one that isn’t possible with any other approaches.

Using this stretching tool for quad muscle pain relief whilst watching TV or doing other things like reading or working on the laptop makes the time pass quickly. Remember, a warm muscle stretches much quicker than a cold one. Using a hot pack or having a hot bath helps a lot.

Quadriceps Stretch

This is the Best Quads Stretch in the World!

I say that because so many stretches you see on the internet put the spine under pressure which is a bad fault in that stretch.


The definition of a good stretch is one that only stretches the target muscle and protects all other structures, especially your spine. A good stretch can easily progress to a stronger stretch.

Now, the setup of this quad stretch for pain relief is important. Follow these recommendations carefully. If not, you may end up putting pressure on your spine or not stretching the muscle very effectively. If you have a hot pack or are willing to buy one, a warm muscle stretches much faster than a cold one, alternately have a hot bath before you do the stretch.

Lay on a table with the leg you are stretching on the table and the other leg on the floor. Place the ball of the foot—of the leg on the floor—flat on the floor. This locks your pelvis, which protects your spine from the strong forces of the stretch.

Grab the ankle of the leg that you are stretching and pull it towards your buttock. If you are not flexible enough to do that, you can use a towel or rope to pull the ankle towards your hip. Breathe deeply while you are stretching. This will help relax the Quads for ease of stretching.

You will feel a significantly stronger stretch in this position. As that stretch subsides, you can progress and increase the stretch by moving the foot on the floor in the direction of your head. This will not put stress on your spine, as the leg on the ground locks your pelvis.