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Calf & Achilles Pain


This IASTM tool will fix your calf pain

Calf muscle pain is difficult to get long term improvement in because it is a muscle that is used every day, all day and so the fascia in the calf is very strong and usually tight. Start off with calf on tool if there are no issues then put the other leg on top to increase the pressure. At some point the tool will stretch the muscle fascia and the pain will increase sharply, just lift the leg off the tool until the pain subsides then put the leg back on the tool in the same spot.

The calf is the only muscle that increases in pain at about 20 mins into your first long session on the tool. When the pain increases take the calf off the tool until the pain recedes and then put it back down where it was before and the tool will continue melting into the tight muscle. The beauty of this tool that it can stretch the muscles sideways instead of the regular length ways method which is not possible with other approaches.

Sideways stretching of muscles is very effective in stretching adhesions which stick muscles to each other and other surrounding structures. This sideways stretching of the calf muscle is achieved by placing the muscle to be stretched on one half of the tool and rotating the leg away from the tool. Then rocking back and forth on the tool until you can feel the tool pushing the muscle sideways, hold this position as long as you can as this will release the tight tissues and improve your range of motion. Achilles Tendon issues can also be done in this position as well.