Mobilization Magic Tool

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Mobilization Magic Tool

$89.00 AUD

Champion Footballer Tom Trbojevic uses the Mobilization Magic Tool Says "" My Hammy feels Awesome ""

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The Mobilization Magic Tool™ will fix you guaranteed!

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  • Saves you lots of money and time by doing it yourself.

  • Designed to Fix Your Problems Fast!

  • Relieve Your Pain

  • Sleep better than you have done for years

  • Release Your Tight Problematic Fascia

  • Works on YOUR Entire Body

  • Used By Physio’s and other Health Professionals

Want to Be Painfree?

How does the Mobilization Magic Tool™ work?

The reason you have pain is because you have tight fascia in your muscles and joints that causes that pain and decreases your blood flow which causes aches and throbbing. The reason the Mobilization Magic Tool works so well is because it stretches that fascia better than anything else. Fascia is the tough stuff that holds your body together and transmits all the forces that your body experiences. The reason people have trouble stretching it and getting back normal is they do not have the right tool to stretch it effectively.

The Mobilization Magic Tool works on a material science concept called creep. Creep describes where the pain area has concentrated force applied to it over time, and it yields to that force, resulting in a decrease of pain and less tightness in muscle fascia and improved blood flow. Much the same way a Therapist uses their elbow. Being able do this your self at home while watching TV is a bonus and couldn’t be easier. Just Lay on the Tool and let the Magic Begin. Years of tightness melts away effortlessly!

Therapist using elbow on Hamstrings

Fourty (40) years of Physiotherapy (PT) experience has gone into perfecting the design of this tool. People say they wish they had been able to use it years ago!

Using the tool could not be easier; all you have to do is lay on it for 30 minutes and let it melt your problems away. Gravity does the work for you.

The Mobilization Magic Tool is made of Nylon 6 which is high impact plastic which is very strong, it can withstand a load of over 2,000 kg ( 2 tons) that means the tool is very safe and strong.


There are many benefits associated with MMT, including:

  • Minimal effort. Let gravity and your bodyweight do the work for you.
  • Improved strength achievable from stretching out tight muscle fascia
  • Sleep better than you have in years
  • Faster recovery from strains associated with exercise so you can get back to your work-out sooner
  • Better range of movement and improved mobility
  • Improved circulation to minimise DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • Greater flexibility which can help to protect you against injury
  • Ability to work on your known problem areas to prevent recurring injuries
  • It’s a better alternative to foam rollers and trigger balls particularly for recurrent soreness.

Q & A’s

Q         How long should I use the tool?

A           When you feel the position of the tool is in the correct/ central point where you feel tightness and pain, you can start off laying on the tool for a few minutes to make sure the tool does not increase your pain. If after a few hours rest everything is ok you can start increasing the time on the tool. Once you are comfortable with the tool you can spend 30 minutes or more resting on that same spot (watching TV or reading) until the tool melts deeply into the muscle or joint and releases that trigger point and muscle fascia. Go to to see more details.

Q           Should I use this tool on recent / acute pain and injuries?

A            If you have a recent injury or an old injury that has increased in pain then it is best to ice the area to reduce the inflammation. Do not  put the tool directly on the most painful spot straight away as that will increase your pain. Use the tool on a spot nearby that does not stir up your pain, this will still put a stretch on the sore spot and loosen up the tight tissues that caused the sore spot. A sore spot is caused by muscles that are tight and stuck together and the sore spot is the weakest part of that muscle. Putting the tool on the whole muscle addresses this problem rather than just concentrating on the most painful area.

Q           Why is this tool better than foam rollers and massage guns?       

A            The Mobilization Magic Tool has a 25 mm diameter and two heights. What this allows you to do is to stretch the problem muscle in a sideways direction  One of the important benefits of the MMT is that it can be used to stretch muscles sideways, instead of lengthways (the conventional way). Sideways stretching is very effective in releasing adhesions and the fascial sheath continuum which surrounds all muscles, forms a cartilaginous skeleton within the core of muscles and ‘sticks’ them to each other. Sideways stretching is particularly effective for muscles such as the Quads, Calf, Groin and Hamstrings. From my clinical experience no other method of breaking up dysfunctional fascia works as well as sideways stretching.

Mobilization Clean

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