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Gerry O
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

This is a really great tool and I have found it transformational. I get very tight calves, hamstrings, back and shoulders due to ankles that roll in (pronation). I have bought many different stretching gadgets over the years, including foam roller, Pilates ring, spiky massage ball, etc. In my memory I can count 18 different devices that I have bought over the years. But the Mobilization Magic tool is far superior to anything else I have tried. It costs less than one massage session, is very small, takes up no room, can be used without doing a course or seeing a therapist. You can start using it as soon as you open the package. My wife tells me that both my shoulders and my calves have changed shape (in a good way) after a only a week of use, and I’m sleeping better.

Dan S

Hello Peter, I am very wary of attributing such amazing results for items such as the tool without long term, regular usage.

That being said, 10 mins of using the tool upon receiving it last week and my ROM when stretching was noticeable in that it improved some 10cms. All from a little discomfort (at first) when I used the tool on the hamstrings.

I now look at my generic foam roller (and even the fancier rumble roller) and shake my head as they have come close to redundancy in my little arsenal of SMR tools.

I am really looking forward to exploring the ways in which this invention of yours will work its magic…although I know using it on my ITB’s is definitely going to make me wince at first!

Having transitioned from heavy weightlifting to road cycling the difference in terms of mobility work and regular soft tissue maintenance required of each discipline provides an interesting learning journey.

And it has to be said – congratulations on realising your vision. In a country such as Australia, where R & D and actually innovating new products seems to have been traded in for property speculation as the only game in town, this is to be applauded Thanks again.  Great work. Regards Dan S

Judy B
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

Fantastic results. No longer have R ITB pain when sleep at night and my SIJ enthesis had remarkedly improved. The M/Mobilizer used correctly ,does wonders. I will do maintenance therapy to further stop pain/triggers in glute coming back.

Paul G
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

I have experienced the tool in relation to freeing muscle tightness around the neck region. For me the tool did relieve tension and assisted my health

Gerald M
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

Well what can one say. Mobilisation Magic really helped my bad back. Following the guides I was able to stretch and relax my muscles and relieve pain. Very simple and effective tool. It’s a yes from me.

Rachelle F
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

This tool is MAGIC! I had severe backpain and pain in my left leg. It has reduced my pain and given me back mobility!.

Penelope P
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

I am not a novice in releasing or rolling out my injuries/body and to offer a review to say buy this tool you will love it, it speaks volumes. The angles, shape and height not to mention fast release has been a godsend. I bought one each for my sons too, plus a spare one to keep at work! It is worth every $. Thank you!

Ed S
Google 5 Stars 5 Stars- Google

Great piece of equipment, quality made product. I have used this tool for releasing tight Calves, Hamstrings & Glutes. Once you work out where you need to place the tool in relation to your own specific muscle sheath adhesion’s, progress happens fast on freeing up tight & sore muscles. It’s so good.