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Treating Headaches

Head & Neck

Headaches require Myofascial release of your neck muscles

Lay on your back use the short option in several positions with hands on forehead then with rotation with hand on side of head. Use pillows or towels under the head to start with to reduce the pressure. In Side lying use the tall option with hand on side of head to increase side bending. The MM tool works brilliantly on the neck, the 25 mm diameter of the tool is the exact radius needed to get those joints moving and soften the often very tight muscles there. Headaches and pain behind the eye are caused by referred pain from pinched nerves in your upper neck.

Place the tool under your upper neck just below the skull to open up the space where these nerves are and take the pressure off them. Place a pillow or towel under your head to start with so there is not too much pressure. If you have had whiplash like in a car accident or know you have an unstable segment in your neck you should avoid that segment with this tool. Ask a health professional if in doubt? If you have a clicky neck, then using this tool helps remove those clicks by getting the other less mobile segments either side to move better.

Treatment Exercises For Managing Headaches

Be very careful with using this tool on your neck as the tool can produce a lot of force, your neck is a delicate structure and can be injured if you push, only use the weight of your arm do not push. Once you are used to having the pressure on your neck you can try to move the head left and right to increase the amount of rotation your neck has. Place you hand on the side of your head and gently move your head to one side, hold it there and your head will be able to gradually move further in that direction as the joints and muscles loosen up. Move the tool to a lower segment and repeat what has been said above.

To loosen your neck in side bending you need to lay on your side using the tall option on the tool. Again, do not push your head just use the weight of your arm to move the head gently into side bending. Hold it there and your head will be able to gradually move further in that direction as the joints and muscles loosen up.

A warm muscle stretches much quicker than a cold one so using a hot pack or having hot bath helps a lot. Caution: If you feel pins and needles, numbness or see spots before your eyes move the tool to another spot. Keep your eyes open at all times when working on your neck.