Body Massage Therapy Tools

Searching for one of the best massage therapy tools on the market? The Mobilization Magic Tool ® MMT is proving to be the Massage Tool of choice. Our MMT is a self-myofascial release tool that produces strong concentrated pressure required to stretch the very tuff and strong myofascial fibers.

Most Mobility tools have a large diameter—like 150mm—for foam rollers and trigger balls. This size diameter produces a diffuse pressure profile which struggles to stretch tight fascia effectively.

The beauty of the Crossfit Massage Tool MMT is its two heights for different parts of the body, with a 25mm diameter, which creates the concentrated force required to stretch seriously tight muscles and fascia. The MMT allows you to self-massage in a way that is not possible with other tools. You can eliminate Trigger Points in a short time due to the concentrated pressure.

Tight hips are a significant inhibitor of overall mobility. If your hip is tight, getting the body part loose again isn’t simple. Luckily, the Massage Tool MMT can direct the whole of your body weight into its 25 mm surface. This action melts its way through the many tight layers surrounding the hip.

Tight calves are another problem area that people work hard during exercise. As one of the leading massage therapy tools, the Mobilization Magic tool melts through to the very tight layers of the calf. When you first get through the 20-minute mark on your calf, you will feel an increase in pain. This is because the tool has worked its way through the superficial Gastroc muscle of the calf—and is pressing on the deeper pressure-sensitive Soleus. Just take your calf off the tool until the pain subsides. Then, place your calf right back on the tool, so the Crossfit Massage Tool can continue to melt through the tight layers.


Mobility requires that muscles be at the functionally optimum length and that joints Range Of Movement (ROM) be as loose as needed to perform the daily workout.

People who exercise use Massage Therapy Tools like the Mobilization Magic Tool to get them back in the gym performing as hard as they possibly can.

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People buy massage tools like the mobilization Magic Tool to get the following benefits: 

  • Better Performance
  • Pain Relief
  • Speed-up recovery and DOMS decrease
  • Increases blood flow
  • Cleared-up lactic acid
  • Broken-up scar tissue
  • Released Knots/ Trigger Points
  • Increased Range of Movement

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The convenience of at-home massage equipment can help you alleviate many different aches and pains in your body. Designed by a physiotherapist, we bring innovation to the table so that you can recover faster after heavy workouts or even use it as a tool to help you relax. Choose Mobilization Magic for the ideal at-home massage equipment.

The quick benefits of using a self-massage tool:

  • Once-off purchase.
  • Easy to pack and take with you on trips.
  • Minimal effort tool that produces reliable results.

What Our Personal Massage Tool Does for You

Here are some quick points about what you can expect from our tool:

  • Improve your circulation. Our massage tool can help improve your circulation and minimise Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) when used regularly.
  • Faster recovery after workouts. Instead of waiting for your body to recover on its own, you can use our massage tool to speed up your muscle recovery and get back to your workout routine faster.
  • Get ahead of recurring injuries. If you know you have areas prone to injury, using our tool on those areas acts as an excellent preventative measure.

When it comes to the question ‘what is the best massage tool?’ we like to think we provide a solid choice for those seeking minimal-effort massage equipment for home use.

Whether you feel joint and muscle pain in your arms, legs, spine, or neck, our massage tool provides an effective and affordable alternative to physical therapy.

When Do I Need a Massage Device

Besides taking your body’s well-being into your own hands, these are some other reasons you should use our handheld massage tool.

  • Limited mobility. If your range of motion is limited, our tool offers improved flexibility with regular use.
  • Pain. Our massage device also offers relief from various muscle and joint conditions such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shin splints, to name a few.
  • Convenience. Finding the time to do something about the aches and pains you feel has never been easier where you can use our tool while involved in other activities such as working on a laptop.

Save Yourself From Strains and Sprains

Besides offering improved manoeuvrability and alleviating joint and muscle pain, our massage tool provides the following added value:

You can disassemble the deep tissue massage tool for neat storage or easy transportation by packing it flat.
The massage tool saves you the money and time it would take to see a therapist while providing faster recovery since you can use it anytime you feel the need to.

We have a successful track record of clients whose expectations we’ve exceeded.