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David W


Hi I’m David
As a competitive cyclist, I train between 400 and 500 km’s a week, As you can imagine when you are doing that sort of volume of training a few aches ands pains are a normal part of my everyday life. But I used to run, Running was a big part of my training program for cross training, unfortunately I had to give the running away because of persistent hamstring pain. I saw all sorts of Doctors, Physio’s, and Chiropractors and all these different modalities of treatment and nothing was able to help me with the hamstring pain to the point where I could run again. I continued my search for something that was going to help me fix that pain and be able to get back to running and that is where I came across the Mobilization Magic Tool. Within a few weeks of using this great little tool, my hamstring pain disappeared so I went back to running. I have been able to run ever since. I can’t recommend this tool enough. If you’re an active person who is looking to remain active and you have a few aches and pains the Mobilization Magic tool is the tool for you.