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Great Holiday Gifts To Get a CrossFit Athlete

CrossFit is world-renowned as a high-intensity strengthening and conditioning workout. Research steadily backs up its ultimate functionality and efficiency for millions of participants around the globe. People who have friends or family that are fiends of this fitness trend know they’ll never get enough. CrossFit is an activity that requires continual training, specialized gear, and an array of accessories to continually enhance the experience.

We’ve put together a general guide of some of the greatest holiday gifts to get a CrossFit athlete. From setup, warmup, practice, cool down, recovery sessions, and beyond, you’ll find a plethora of specialty gift options that suit the common CrossFit lifestyle. Read on for a few compiled ideas to consider as you shop this holiday season.

Thoughtful Stocking Stuffers for All Athlete Levels

If your gift recipient is a seasoned CrossFitter—or a more recent newbie to the scene—you can’t go wrong with the standard accessories: warps, bands, gloves, or compression socks. Keep in mind that proper form is a must-have necessity for CrossFit. Achieving the correct form requires sleek movement, coordination, and strength production through varying exercises.

A wide assortment of protective gloves, wrist wraps, armbands, and dual-purpose performance socks are on the market to support these training techniques. These simple-but-effective items help participants maintain form, absorb shock, improve range, and enhance performance throughout regular training.

Handy Workout Gear for Next-Level WOD Sessions

Workout gear is next up on the list of great holiday gifts to get a CrossFit athlete. Functional cross-training requires the right quality equipment that suits the participant’s body, ability, and athletic level. Examples include kettlebells, gymnastic rings, and ab mats. One alternative accessory is a wire-speed jump rope for people looking to achieve double unders or triple unders. Another option is a tactical weighted vest, which is perfect for anyone who wants to go the extra mile for their daily workout. No matter your choice of gifted equipment, shoot for high-quality materials to meet athlete demands and ensure apex handling.

User-Friendly Massage or IASTM Therapy Tools

There are alternatives to commonplace foam rolling. These specialized tools are handy gadgets that gently and smoothly apply pressure to muscle tissue. Stretching the fascia helps reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and promote the healing process. IASTM tools are user-friendly to personalize the intensity and duration of recovery and boost overall mobility. This type of magic is the perfect gift to treat sore muscles and minimize prevalent pains from head to toe.

If you’re leaning towards gifting soft tissue mobilization tools, choose Mobilization Magic as the ultimate solution. The MMT is innovatively designed to relieve tight fascia and restore movement. Your recipient is guaranteed to benefit from it. Learn more about this full-body magic on our website today.