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The Benefits of Using IASTM Tools To Treat Scar Tissue


The body of a human being is unsurprisingly—and uniquely—human. A highly organized and perplexing structure, the human body consists of trillions of cells, over 200 bones, 78 organs, and around 600 muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

This complex anatomy gives insight into the uniqueness of the body’s natural response to distress, wear and tear, and injury. In particular, your body responds to soft tissue trauma by producing adhesions and scar tissue in the fascia, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. How can you restore regular function and performance? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using IASTM tools to treat scar tissue.

Myofascial Adhesions: Relieve Restrictive Movement

As mentioned above, the dynamic structure of a human body is an active one—perpetually breaking down old, damaged tissues and rebuilding new ones. While this scar tissue is a part of the affected area’s healing process, such tissue tends to have reduced flexibility compared to normal functioning tissue.

Ergo, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization is a popular type of manual treatment therapy. This effective therapeutic exercise breaks down targeted myofascial adhesions, relieves pain, and restores normal conditioning. The use of a specially-designed IASTM tool is a proven stimulation technique, applying angled pressure to dysfunctional and misaligned tissue.

Initiate Faster Healing: A Triggered Inflammatory Response

The end goal of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization is to promote and maintain restriction-free movement patterns. Besides breaking down deep-rooted scar tissue pain and stiffness, IASTM reinitiates the healing process for injured soft tissues the correct way. The targeted movement brings blood flow to the affected area to regenerate fresh collagen and healthier soft tissue.

Triggering a positive inflammatory response is another benefit of using IASTM tools to treat scar tissue. This hands-on therapeutic treatment acts as a catalyst for stimulating more functional and less painful healing. That restoration could be life-changing.

IASTM With Mobilization Magic: Long-Term Outcomes

Taking everything into consideration, allowing your body to heal the right way may provide better long-term outcomes. With IASTM, you might even find relief for pain that you once believed to be chronic. IASTM tool usage can significantly reduce treatment time if used correctly with the right tool for the task.

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