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How To Prepare for Your Next CrossFit Competition

At the heart of the widely known CrossFit culture is a single question: What’s the price an individual pays for ultimate achievement? The approach of CrossFit is to become the jack of all trades. Essentially, individuals who train in CrossFit become better at performing regular, everyday movements as they improve their general physical preparedness.

CrossFit is for everyone. Anyone can scale, adjust, or tailor their CrossFit training to their current skills or circumstances. But the main goal of many CrossFitters worldwide is to excel in a challenging test among other enthusiast competitors.

CrossFit competitions are fierce, involving constantly varied, high-intensity movements from cardio, lifting, and gymnastics. While it’s mentally and physically straining, CrossFitters push their bodies to the limit to test their powers and capabilities. If you’re one of these go-getters, the best thing you can do is focus on preparing yourself for the road ahead. You have no control over certain aspects of the competition. Yet, you can grasp other facets and control 100 percent to your ability.

We’ve put together a compilation of tips, tricks, and advice to support you through the experience—from now to the day of the comp. Read through this general guide for a closer look at how to prepare for your next CrossFit competition.

Strategize: Outline Your Athletic Virtues and Vices

Getting ready for a competition means fine-tuning your techniques and maximizing your practices. You should especially consider the quality of your movement standards during training. You can’t control the programming of the competition, the stages, or the judges’ subjective take on the standards. However, you can grab the wheel on your movements and drive your body forward with strategic actions. The right strategy can make or break a CrossFit athlete.

Analyze Strengths and Weaknesses

Choosing to enter a competition means you have the basics down. But there is always room for improvement. Any CrossFit athlete who enters this competition also has their strengths and weaknesses. You have no true idea what other athletes are like during their programming. Due to the range of movements involved, these strengths and weaknesses vary, including your own.

Ergo, examine your movements as you prepare to highlight your strong suits and your weaker spots. Then, you can stick to a developed strategy. Dedicate time to work specifically on these shortcomings and smoothly pace yourself to hit your target, depth, and extensions. Knowing and improving your capabilities will take some of the pressure off your shoulders. Remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun, test your limits, and beat your top numbers.

Work With a Partner, Coach, Trainer, or Supportive Friend

Keep in mind that CrossFit is a lifestyle, one you choose to do for yourself. You find satisfaction and power in the activity as you learn an increasing number of things along the journey. A CrossFit competition is a solo endeavor—but then again, don’t feel the need to go it all alone. Asking for help is a wise idea to ease the experience’s intensity and reduce your stress levels.

Feel free to reach out to either a coach, gym buddy, training partner, or even a fitness-enthused loved one for extra support. They can offer an alternative perspective on approaching your workouts and mindsets—and how to prepare your body to be comp-ready. Don’t be afraid to ask them to evaluate and measure performance and keep you accountable as you push on.

At the end of the day, competing is all about putting in your apex effort. Even if your result isn’t what you strived for, you can still know that you went the extra mile to prepare and perform to your best ability.

Power Up Your Body: Proper Fuel and Hydration Intake

Are you curious about another must-do regarding how to prepare for your next CrossFit competition? One word: fuel. Your body needs fuel throughout a training regimen, especially with the levels of workout intensity you continue to strive for. Fueling your performance is one of the keys to success when your competition day comes around.

Never let nutrition be an after-thought. Food plays a unique role in preparing your body for a heavy fitness challenge. A strategically combined training regimen and nutrition plan is the best preparation for the upcoming competition.

Emphasize Energy and Whole-Body Health

Your body is an engine, and the goal is to avoid foods that wreak havoc on its potential and capacity. Those already active in CrossFit often have a regular nutrition plan suitable for their physical fitness. If so, maintain a steady, balanced diet to assure peak physical form and power. The right training will prepare you for an increased volume of your intake. Remember that a comprehensive, consistent caloric intake is essential. Listen to and pay close attention to your body to ensure you have an adequate intake level.

Include plenty of protein sources in your diet as you focus on your energy levels. Protein is essential in enhancing athletic performance and initiating muscle recovery. Be cognizant of carbs also. Heavy-carb loading isn’t always necessary. This misconception is common on the day of competition. If you stick to your nutritional plan, there is no need to stuff yourself to the brim with extra carbohydrates.

Don’t forget to hydrate well leading up to the comp and through the entire event. Even the slightest dehydration can impact your mental clarity and hinder your overall performance.

Focus on De-Loading, Recovery, and Peaking

Preparing for the competition will expose your body to a heightened intensity above anything you’ve experienced during your normal CrossFit WODs. In the days before, concentrate on reducing the volume of training. Focus on alleviating stress, pain, and fatigue. You’ll need to be well-rested, recovered, and feel fresh when the event finally arrives.

Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy

Aches, pains, and sore muscles are inevitable when ramping up workout practices. If you’re dealing with pain due to the demands of competition training, consider helping your body recover naturally and efficiently. One option is turning to a personal massage therapist—the use of self-myofascial release tools, that is.

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