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Foot Ligaments Pain


This IASTM Tool relieves foot pain

Sit on chair and place your foot on the tool. The ligaments in the foot can produce a variety of problems that interfere with your walking and running and produce pain in the heel and in the front of the foot. They are also responsible for the height of your arch and so a very tight ligament will produce a high arch. If you lay the sole of your foot on the short option of the tool you will be able to find sore or tight areas that need attention. Start gently as the tool can produce a lot of force and a bruised foot will not help you much. These ligaments can produce what is called a calcaneal spur which is a bony growth associated with the foot ligament. Move the tool around until you find the sorest spot and leave the tool there until the pain decreases. Don’t push too hard as you can injury your self if you do.